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Anthony Scornavacco has been the Senior Appraiser at H & B Gallery for over 15 years.  His services have been called upon by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and other art and antique organizations around the country.  He performs appraisals for over 80% of the items sold at H & B Gallery, which provides him with unique insight into current market prices for a diverse array of antiques and art.  Having participated in over a dozen antique shows across the country this year (from Florida to California), he is kept abreast of the current national market values of antiques as well.

How H and B Appraisals Work

H & B Gallery offers appraisals both on site at the residence and in house at our store.  The rate for on site visits is $125 an hour, with a minimum charge of one hour.  This is recommended for items that are large or heavy, or for appraisals of many items.   The in house rate is $95 an hour, with a minimum charge of one hour.  This works best for smaller items such as jewelry, china, silverware, or few piece items such as a set of chairs or small mirror.

Appraisals Pricing

Appraisals pricing falls into three categories: Insurance, Market, and Estate Sale pricing.  Any one or combination of these may be provided for the appraised items, depending on the customer's need.  For more information or to arrange an appraisal, please feel free to call us an arrange an appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome, but depending on the store's current activities, an immediate appraisal may not be available for the considered item. Feel free to take a look at our example appraisals!

Contact H & B For Appraisals

If you have any questions about our appraisals or would like to arrange a house visit, please call us at (612) 874-6436 or e-mail us at

Other Services From H and B

H and B Gallery also specializes in estate sale services and consignment services.  Be sure to take a look through the other services to see if we may be of assistance to you!