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Household and Estate Sale Services

Our company can maximize the amount of return on your estate and household sales. One of the unique benefits not available elsewhere, is our ability to display unsold estate items in our showrooms at the store.  This allows us to be more conservative in our price reductions at estate and household sales, knowing that if an item of value doesn't sell, it can be shown and sold for an appropriate price in the showrooms at H & B Gallery.  To our knowledge, no other estate sale organization has this ability to maximize your returns in the Twin Cities.

Why Choose H and B Gallery For Your Estate Sale Service Provider?

We have organized numerous estate sales over the years in the Twin Cities, and our consignors and regular clientele are always interested in sales that we are managing.  This allows us to tap into a market of potential buyers for your estate sale, that may not have been simply attracted through conventional advertising.

Our Estate Sale Service Process

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to conduct estate/household sales.  In addition to the commission, we charge the cost of a newspaper classified ad and an optional online web preview of the estate sale (if agreed upon and deemed beneficial).  We begin the process by reviewing the estate/household to determine if an in-home sale will be the most beneficial to you, and discuss the length of the sale and the amount of time needed for our staff to stage the sale.

Contact H and B About Our Estate Sale Service

For more specific information regarding our Minnesota estate sales and how it would benefit you, please call or e-mail H & B Gallery.

Other Services

H and B Gallery also specializes in consignment and appraisal services.  Contact us today to see how we can be of service!